Combining DHTMLRules, tableless layout and multiple page forms with HTML_QuickForm

With the new 0.3.0 release of HTML_QuickForm_DHTMLRulesTableless it is now possible to build forms with HTML_QuickForm that have the following features:

  • tableless layout (no <table> tags, very good accessibility)
  • DHTMLRules (form elements errors are shown on top of each element)
  • more than one page

To achieve such forms, four PEAR package are needed:

Information about building forms with HTML_QuickForm, about building multiple page forms with HTML_QuickForm_Controller, about using the tableless renderer, and about using the DHTMLRulesTableless class on forms built with HTML_QuickForms can be found in the PEAR manual. The only thing that I’ll explain here is the usage of DHTMLRulesTableless class with HTML_QuickForm_Controller.

In general, a form page is added like in the following code snippet:

class Page1 extends HTML_QuickForm_Page
    // ...
$form =& new HTML_QuickForm_Controller();
$page1 =& new Page1('page1');

To use now the DHTMLRulesTableless class, you need to add and to change one line:

require_once 'HTML/QuickForm/PageDHTMLRulesTableless.php';
class Page1 extends HTML_QuickForm_PageDHTMLRulesTableless
    // ...
$form =& new HTML_QuickForm_Controller();
$page1 =& new Page1('page1');

That means that you only need to do two things:

  • you need to include HTML/QuickForm/PageDHTMLRulesTableless.php
  • instead of extending from HTML_QuickForm_Page, your page classes need to extend from HTML_QuickForm_PageDHTMLRulesTableless

The new HTML_QuickForm_PageDHTMLRulesTableless class is mostly a simple copy of the HTML_QuickForm_DHTMLRulesTableless class, but it extends HTML_QuickForm_Page and not HTML_QuickForm. This code duplication couldn’t be avoided because of a bad design of the Page class of HTML_QuickForm_Controller. After HTML_QuickForm2 is ready, a new Controller package is planned, and Alexey Borzov already announced that his new package will have a better design to avoid the need of such code duplications.

10 Responses to “Combining DHTMLRules, tableless layout and multiple page forms with HTML_QuickForm”

  1. Harold says:

    Don’t you have a example running?

  2. Mark Wiesemann says:

    Harold, no, there is currently no complete example available. Do you need any help on this topic? Then just reply here or send me an email.

    I have added an item to my TODO list about adding an example.

  3. Twyst says:

    I’m trying to set this up, exactly the way that you’re explaining here – but with QF 3.2.10, QF_Controller 1.0.8, DHTMLRulesTableless 0.3.3, and Renderer_Tableless, I get the original layout – NOT the tableless layout. I’m not getting any errors, mind you – it’s like it’s just passing it straight through. Unless there’s something I’m completely missing?

  4. Mark Wiesemann says:

    Twyst, you need to define your own HTML_QuickForm_Action_Display class that takes care of using the tableless renderer. The usage of this renderer is described in the PEAR manual.

    Thanks for asking this; I’ll consider this point for the promised example code.

  5. Johnny Loke says:

    Hi Mark,
    I faced the same problem as Twyst by following the PEAR manual stated in your reply.
    The following are the code I used to customized my QuickForm renderer.
    $form =& new HTML_QuickForm();
    $renderer =& new HTML_QuickForm_Renderer_Tableless();
    echo $renderer->toHtml();
    Did I miss out some setting. Thanks in advance for helping.

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  7. Mark Wiesemann says:

    Johnny, I’ve written a short tutorial about the missing steps for the tableless layout online:
    Using the tableless renderer together with HTML_QuickForm_Controller

  8. Johnny Loke says:

    Thanks alot Mark.
    I notice that I made a mistake by calling $form->toHtml(). Once I use $renderer->toHtml(), everything work perfectly.
    Thanks Mark for the prompt reply 😉
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2008!

  9. James says:

    Hi i just do a form in quickform,i want to be multi pages

    one page is easy,how can make one page to two page

    for example:

    and step2
    confirmed password:


  10. Mark Wiesemann says:

    James, you’re either looking for HTML_QuickForm_Controller or you need to simulate the paging yourself (sessions are then your friends).