Generator for DB_Table

As announced on February 18th, a generator for DB_Table is available now. David C. Morse has put some work into this new generator script which was based on the script that PEAR::DB_DataObject offers.

Some more details about the generator, cited from the changelog:

This class generates code required as an interface to an existing database by reverse engineering the database. It generates a DB_Table subclass definition for each table, and a script that instantiates one instance of each DB_Table subclass, and a parent DB_Table_Database object. See the documentation block for the new class for usage instructions, and the tests/generator/tests.php script for an example.

2 Responses to “Generator for DB_Table”

  1. ksku says:

    There is a element named “jscalendar” in db/table/quickform.php, but it is not a standard element of pear html_quickform package, can give me more infomation about it?

  2. Mark Wiesemann says:

    ksku, there are actually two non-standard elements named “jscalendar” available. Both can be found with e.g. Google. One behaves like a group of two elements (text and the calendar symbol), the other one generates only the calendar symbol. Both elements can be used with the DB_Table by setting ‘qf_type’ to ‘jscalendar’.