DB_Table 1.5.0RC1 is available

Since last week, a new major release of DB_Table is available. Almost all the great work for the new release was done by David C. Morse who is now the co-lead of DB_Table. Welcome, David!

So what’s new in release 1.5.0? The changelog says:

  • New DB_Table_Database class added to package. The new class provides a model of foreign key relationships between tables in a database, and features that depend on knowledge of these relationships. User documentation for this class is provided in docs/database/manual.html.
  • Added auto-increment feature to DB_Table insert() method. The value of a new $auto_inc_col property is the name of an auto-increment column (if any) or null.
  • Added toXML() method to DB_Table, which emits the table schema in the MDB2 XML DTD, with an extension to describe foreign key references. This method is called by the toXML() method of DB_Table_Database, which emits an XML schema string for an entire database.

All existing users of DB_Table (and also interested people, of course) are encouraged to install the new release by pear install DB_Table-beta and to report via the bug tracker any occuring problem. But as we have a lot of unit tests for the new features, we hope that only very minor problems will occur.

Finally, a short comment on the near future of DB_Table: We are planning to work on two things in the next weeks and months. The first and most important thing is to convert the documentation from Paul M. Jones’ wiki into the PEAR manual and to update all pages to reflect the functionality of the current release. This will need a lot of work and help is always welcome. (Contact me for more details if you’re interested.) The second task is two write a script that generates a DB_Table class file from an existing table. This will make things a lot easier for both new and existing users of DB_Table. David already started to work on such a generator.

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