New Tableless renderer releases

New releases of both HTML_QuickForm_Renderer_Tableless (0.4.3) and HTML_QuickForm_DHTMLRulesTableless (0.2.3) are available. The renderer had only a little stylesheet change to achieve layout compatibility with Windows Internet Explorer 7. The DHTMLRules got support for multiple error messages (needed for groups), and there were some bug fixes.

In the tableless renderer I have removed the “height: 1px;” style from the “form fieldset li” block in the stylesheet to achieve layout compatibility with Windows Internet Explorer 7. This breaks layout compatibility with Firefox 1.x browsers, while Firefox 2.0 still works as expected. The FAQ in the PEAR manual contains solutions for getting Firefox 1.x compatibility back.

Besides two small changes, namely the adoption of the stylesheet changes from the renderer and changed escaping of the <script> tag for better compatibility with older browsers, the DHTMLRulesTableless got some bigger changes on the error style assignment and error message displaying.

In some cases the error style (i.e. the red border in the default stylesheet) and the error message were still shown even if the element was made valid; this was due to a bad concept for the lines of code that should decide whether the error style and message can be removed or not.

The last releases showed for every row of the form only the last error message. But, for groups of elements, there can be more than one error message at a time; now, all of these messages will be shown.

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